Sunday, September 16, 2007

Meat Loaf Club Sandwich

Ordinarily, sandwiches don't make it to the blog, because my sandwiches tend to be kind of boring. "Take something, put it in bread". This one, however, seemed interesting. It's a meatloaf sandwich that doesn't require one to make a meatloaf first. Ok, I had to have a go at that.

This comes from Food & Wine (found here on their website). You make a seasoned meat mixture, spread it out on a sandwich, and press it on either a grill or skillet. Instant meatloaf in a sandwich.

Mine had no tomatoes and no rosemary, and I put mustard directly on the top layer instead of having it on the side. Two thumbs up. They're garlicky, bacon-y, with moist meat, crunchy toasted bread, and a little kick from the chipotle. It's a little more work than a typical deli meat sandwich, but well worth it.

Meatloaf Club Sandwich

Note to self: next time, make fries. This needed fries. :D


Javajem said...

That looks amazing! Bring me one!! :)

Melonie said...

In reference to your "note to self", how about sweet potato fries? The balance of sweet with savory would be divine. :)