Thursday, November 06, 2008

Chicken and Celery Pot Stickers

My first time making my own pot stickers rather than just heating up a bag of Trader Joe's frozen ones. The Trader Joe's chicken gyoza are darn tasty, but I may never go back.

Homemade potstickers

These were obscenely easy to make, and perfect for a small kitchen. I didn't even need to get out a cutting board. A food processor, a plate to hold the filled pot stickers before cooking them, and a frying pan with a lid. That's it. Filling these felt like a school art project; I had 2 dozen made in no time.

Homemade potstickers

The recipe is not only easy, it's also fairly inexpensive to make. The filling is ground chicken, a couple of ribs of celery, a couple of garlic cloves, some salt, pepper, and soy sauce. A quarter pound of meat gave me 24 pot stickers with filling to spare.

Homemade potstickers

The results were fabulous. A crispy, crunchy browned side, a chewier steamed side, a nice hit of garlicky chicken filling, and a basic soy-and-vinegar dipping sauce... what's not to love?

Want the recipe? Chicken and Celery Pot Stickers from

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